So far during this Leadership race I have announced specific policies and principled positions that would guide my approach to serve as Leader of the Opposition and then as Prime Minister.

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I believe successful governments are founded on four pillars: 

1. Upholding family as the cornerstone of society.

Parents have the right to raise their children according to their beliefs.


2. Protecting our fundamental freedoms

Freedom of expression, conscience, & religion must be protected.


3. Pursuing compassion towards the vulnerable

Protecting our seniors, veterans, disabled and indigenous peoples.


4. Standing for Fiscal Responsibility

No excessive taxation, or burdening future generations with our debt.


Fair nominations

As Leader, I will ensure that our party upholds fair and democratic nomination processes, so that our members can continue to support the party in good faith.


Grassroots policy conventions 

I want our next  Policy Convention to be a meaningful chance for Party members to shape the policy that we will run on in our platform in the next election.

I know that our members have courageous, compassionate policy ideas, full of common sense. As Leader, I want to make sure your ideas are heard, and can form our battle plan to take on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.


Political correctness 

Leadership takes guts and the courage to put Canada ahead of being politically correct. If we can’t even discuss the issues that make us uncomfortable, we’ll never be able to solve them.

I see an increased trend on the political left in Canada to brand anyone who disagrees with them using extremist language intended to silence debate. I am ready to push back against this.



I am proposing a fulsome review of current firearms laws to ensure that we are focusing our efforts on keeping guns out of the hands of gangs and other criminals, instead of wasting resources going after law-abiding Canadians. 

A safer Canada is one where we use Common sense to make our laws. That’s the kind of firearms approach you can expect from me.


The Environment

We need courageous leadership on the environment. We can effectively balance environmental stewardship initiatives while developing our resources at a cleaner and greener standard than anywhere else in the world. 

Canada still imports millions of barrels of oil from countries with far worse environmental standards. We can and should do better, and we need to use our own oil.

I will be announcing more environmental planks of my platform as the campaign progresses.



I believe our energy workers and businesses are the best in the world. They have been and continue to be a vital component of our economy, while innovatively leading the world in environmental standards.

The rest of Canada needs to understand the part that our energy sector plays in our national success.

As such I will repeal Bills C-69 and C-48. Revitalizing the resource sector after this COVID-19 crisis should be a priority for any serious government.


No Hidden Agenda

 I am tired of seeing the Liberals use the phrase “hidden agenda” to attack Conservative politicians on things they don’t intend to do.

In the last election this was used successfully on life issues. I want to be upfront on the four specific pro-life policies I would advocate for so we can be clear with Canadians. 

My policies focus on helping and protecting vulnerable women and girls:

  • Ban the misogynistic practice of sex-selective abortion.
  • Seek measures to protect women from coerced abortions.
  • Increase support for pregnancy care centres - to make sure that women in a crisis pregnancy have the help they need and deserve.
  • End funding for international abortions and focusing our foreign aid to promote overall healthcare - a policy that was broadly supported under Stephen Harper’s leadership.

I believe we need to be clear about our position on this issue and I have been very specific about what steps I would take as a leader. 

The only way to avoid being accused of having a hidden agenda is by not hiding it!


Free Votes on Conscience Issues

I was disappointed to hear Peter MacKay promise to whip Conservative front-benchers on conscience issues. 

This means many members of our outstanding caucus would need to choose between their personal convictions and the chance to serve in a MacKay Cabinet.

I will uphold the proud CPC tradition of allowing free votes on all conscience matters.


Carbon Tax

Heaping debt on future generations is a bad idea. A carbon tax that significantly hurts those without much money, while doing nothing for the environment, should be abolished.

We must protect the environment and ensure we have responsible and clear policies in regards to pollution. But I do not believe that a Carbon Tax that disproportionately impacts the poor, our farmers, and small businesses is the way to do that.



I believe it is important for Canada to stand with Israel as we stand together for freedom and human rights. 

As our friend and democratic ally in the world, I will respect Israel’s democracy by moving our embassy to Jerusalem.



I will cancel Canada’s participation in the UN Global Compact on Migration to start strengthening Canada’s borders and restore integrity to our system.

Canadians alone should make decisions on who comes into our country - not UN bureaucrats.

Any United Nations policy that does not favour the national interests of Canadians I am not in favour of. 


Indigenous Support

We need to improve the outlook for our indigenous communities. This includes not using a one-size-fits-all approach across the country. 

From the vital and urgent need to ensure all communities have clean drinking water, to allowing Indigenous communities to partner with energy projects in order to provide them with better jobs.

I want our next Conservative government to forge relationships with Indigenous communities that focus on meaningful results, and not political talking points that achieve nothing but frustration on all sides.


Foreign Aid

We need to change our foreign aid policies to focus on countries that actually need it. I believe we need to prioritize Canadian humanitarian needs - such as ensuring clean drinking water is available on every First Nations reserve in Canada - above sending funds overseas. 


I am thankful for the service of our brave men and women in the Canadian Forces. They deserve our full support, which includes making sure they have the modern equipment they need to do their job. 


Reversing Liberal Attacks on Freedom

This Liberal government routinely attacks religious freedoms, conscience rights and  parental rights.

I will reverse all changes to the Student Summer Jobs program that limit faith-based organizations from applying for funds.

Bill C-8 as it is currently proposed is so broadly written that parents and pastors can potentially be criminalized for offering even basic levels of spiritual guidance and counsel. If it passes without serious amendment it will require a full repeal.

I will also repeal Bill C-16, which attacks free speech, threatening fines and sanctions against people who use incorrect speech. I believe that Canadian laws sufficiently protect against actual abuses and harassment of individuals.



Human Trafficking

The majority of trafficking victims and survivors in Canada come from our most vulnerable populations, including underage girls and indigenous women. Vulnerable Canadians should be a priority. 

I have a five point action plan that I will push for as soon as I am Leader of our Party, and implement when we work together and form the next Government.

  1. Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking.
  2. Legislative adoption of the most widely accepted international definition of human trafficking known as the Palermo Protocol. 
  3. Strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers to ensure that those who take advantage of the vulnerable in our society are punished for every single life they harm. 
  4. Create a public awareness campaign about the reality of human trafficking in our society.
  5. Commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model to combat sex-trafficking in prostitution