Let Members Decide

I firmly believe that when it comes to deciding who should lead our Party, the final say should be with you, our members.

Disqualifying candidates for beliefs or viewpoints weakens confidence in our democratic process.

If candidate Jim Karahalios met the donation and signature requirements, then a disqualification should only happen if there is a clear violation of the rules.

Otherwise, it should be left up to the members to decide.

If Jim Karahalios violated the rules, then the reason should be communicated clearly to help build trust in the process.

That was my position when Richard Décarie was disqualified, and it's my position now.

As Leader, I will ensure that our party communicates clearly in regards to nominations and other party processes, so that our members can continue to support the party in good faith.

I am in the race, and I am with you on this.

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Peter's Anti-Democratic Proposal

In the past 24 hours, we have seen two politicians attempt to use COVID-19 to advance undemocratic agendas.

The first is Justin Trudeau, who I wrote about yesterday. He tried to manipulate Parliament to secure 21 months of blank cheques.

The second, unfortunately, is Peter MacKay.

Citing the coronavirus crisis as his reason, Peter called to rush the leadership vote, and cut off membership registration early, limiting who gets to vote in this race:

"The cutoff to become a voting member of our Party should be moved to be sooner, not later, and a vote should occur as soon as logistically possible." - Peter MacKay, March 23, 2020 (Campaign Email)

Peter's agenda couldn't be more transparent. He believes he's in the lead and wants this pesky leadership process to wrap up quickly, before more people can join who are drawn to the ideas and approaches of the other candidates.

I call upon Peter to withdraw his undemocratic proposal.

We can't count on that, however. Here's what I would ask today:

If you support me and are not a CPC Party member: sign up today. Only members can vote in the upcoming Leadership race.

If you are a member, reach out to at least one friend or family member and get them to urgently sign up. Anyone 14 years or older can become a member.

If you support Derek or the same. 

If you want to make sure Marilyn is on the ballot, you can go to her website and donate and/or provide signatures today.

We need to make sure we have as many members in the Party as possible. 

Coronations are not good for any political Party, and leadership does not have any shortcuts. 


Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase a membership to vote in the Conservative Party Leadership Race has passed. You can still contribute to the campaign here

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Liberals Want 21 Months of Blank Cheques

All Conservatives need to be aware of what's happening in Ottawa right now.

The Globe and Mail has reported that the Liberals are set to introduce a Bill on Tuesday that will give Justin Trudeau and his cabinet the power to increase taxes and deliver unlimited spending: all without Parliamentary approval.

Emergency measures may be appropriate for a short period of time.

But this goes until December 2021.

That means the Liberals can reverse the GST cuts that Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty worked so hard to bring into effect.

It means that they can re-institute the per-vote subsidy that we cut, which gives Canadian taxpayer dollars to the separatist Bloc Quebecois.

It means that debt will be piled on the backs of your grandchildren's grandchildren.

Obviously this is a difficult time for us as a country, and as I wrote earlier today, I want to see governments working together to defeat COVID-19.

But giving the Liberals a blank cheque for 21 months??

That's unacceptable.

Reach out to your MP - no matter which Party they belong to - and let them know that Canadians won't stand for this.

I wanted you and all Conservatives to be aware, so we can speak out together.

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Take Back Control

During this very challenging time, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your loved ones.

It's important that we put the well-being of others first right now. I sincerely want the Prime Minister and our Premiers to succeed in this national fight against COVID-19.

For those of us putting our name forward to become Canada's next Prime Minister, we need to support our government during this time, but also advance concrete ideas that can help now, and protect against future outbreaks.  

The COVID-19 pandemic proves the danger of globalization and open borders.

Decades of weak liberal security policies have softened our borders to the point that the government is paralyzed to respond in a crisis.

We need to care less about political correctness and more about the safety of Canadians.

This soft border trend was taken further in 2018 when Trudeau signed the United Nations Global Compact on Migration. The  Compact undermines our national sovereignty and our ability to create immigration policies that meet our national needs.

Many hard-working immigrants in Canada had to wait years to legally come here. It is unfair that people illegally come into our country and jump the queue ahead of those who have followed the rules.

Late last week Justin Trudeau finally closed the border to people jumping from the United States to Canada.

It took a pandemic for this government to secure our border.

We need to take back control.

I will cancel Canada’s participation in the UN Global Compact on Migration to start strengthening Canada’s borders and restore integrity to our system.

Canadians alone should make decisions on who comes into our country - not UN bureaucrats.

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A Common Sense Approach to Public Safety & Firearms

Laws should keep Canadians safe, and get criminals off the street.

As a country, we need to improve public safety by holding those who commit crimes to account. We also need to make sure that the prison system has the real capacity to rehabilitate people, and not simply act as a revolving door sending criminals back into our communities.

When it comes to firearms, government action should focus on making sure guns are kept out of the hands of criminals, while respecting law-abiding Canadians.

And to make life easier for law-abiding Canadians, this means that firearms laws need to be easy for everyone to understand.

I’ll be honest: even as a lawyer, I found the Firearms Act to be confusing.

I’ve been listening to Party members who care deeply about this issue. Their message is clear: it’s time for a complete review of Canada’s firearms laws to make sure that they are actually doing what they’re supposed to do.

Are they protecting public safety and helping fight crime? Great. We’ll keep them.

Are they creating red tape that doesn’t do anything but build frustrating Ottawa bureaucracy? Then it’s time to change it.

I believe we must do what we can to take illegal firearms off of our streets.

The Liberal government has proposed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy back certain types of firearms. Like many Liberal programs, this too will prove to be an ineffective waste of taxpayer dollars that and misused.

That money would be much better spent supporting law enforcement who understand the particular needs of their communities, developing prevention programs for at-risk youth, and ensuring we have adequate addiction and mental health programs.

I will cancel the Liberal’s gun buyback program and put this money into a national guns and gangs strategy designed to actually fight crime, ensure Canadian Border Services have the resources to prevent the illegal smuggling of firearms, that law enforcement and the justice system have the tools necessary to protect Canadians.

We need to bring a common-sense approach back to improving public safety by ensuring that law-abiding firearms owners understand their obligations and are treated with respect.

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They don't want me on the ballot.

I believe that the Conservative Party is the last true big-tent political party in Canada.

As pro-life, social conservatives, we play an important role in the future success of the Party.

But others want people like you and me to just go away.

Have a look at some of the responses I’ve received to my recent emails:

"I don't want to do anything with Pro-Life people, not even by email."

"As a woman you should be ashamed of yourself...Get a life and get educated."

"Will you ban the misogynistic practice of being pro-life?"

"Don't send me...emails about your sh***y values."

"Educated people have left the old sky God crap behind centuries ago. Get a life and see you later."

"You are not a conservative you are a religious idiot."


We're not going to win the next election if we let pro-life and social conservatives get pushed out of the party.

That united Party includes you, as someone who holds pro-life and/or social conservative views.

We can show these critics that they can’t just silence us.

Let’s win this...together.

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Is fighting COVID-19 racist?

Government’s number one job is to protect Canadians. Full stop.

But for the Trudeau Liberals, being politically correct takes priority.

Justin Trudeau cares more about political correctness than the safety of Canadians.

When COVID-19 first emerged it was clear that China was the source of the virus. It would make sense to limit or restrict air flight from China.

But Justin Trudeau refused. Why? Because the liberal media elite warned it might seem racist. So he kept Canadians at risk, until he was forced to change course yesterday and close our borders.

What should have happened immediately took weeks.

Sound familiar?

Remember how Justin Trudeau said Andrew Scheer “disqualified” himself from a meeting about the recent rail blockades, and implied Andrew was “racist” for insisting that the law be applied equally to everyone?

Then a few days later Trudeau was forced to do just that, because it became clear that it should have been done on day one.

Leadership takes guts and the courage to put Canada ahead of being politically correct.

Are you tired of political correctness putting Canada at risk?? Do you believe we need to take a common-sense approach and enforce the rule of law?

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VIDEO: Pro-Life, No Hidden Agenda

Ever hear that Conservatives have “a hidden agenda”?

It is by far the most common attack made by liberal media elites against Conservatives.

And the most frustrating thing is that it works - especially against people like me who are pro-life.

It’s time to take that weapon away by being absolutely crystal clear on abortion.

As Conservative Leader I will:

  • Ban the misogynistic practice of sex-selective abortion;
  • Criminalize coerced abortions;
  • Increase funding for pregnancy centres; and
  • End funding for international abortions.

That’s it. Nothing hidden about it. 

I recently spent a day in Ottawa, speaking about these policies with the national media. Without any discussion of "hidden agenda", it turned into debate and discussion of the actual issues. I was proud to clearly defend my position.

You can watch my responses here:

Compilation Video

These are sensible pro-life policies that the majority of Canadians support.

When it comes to Private Members Bills (PMBs), under my leadership Members of Parliament will be able to put forward any bills that are important to them and/or their constituents - and everyone will be able to vote according to their conscience.

That commitment to free votes extends to each of the pro-life initiatives I want to put forward.

That’s democracy.

What do you think? Are you ready to fight an election *without* the Liberal spin of a hidden agenda working against us?

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Why I'm Running

My name is Leslyn Lewis, and I’m running for Leadership of our great Conservative Party of Canada.

The natural question I get when I tell people that is: Why?

It’s a fair question. I’m a mother of two who has spent her professional life building a law firm in Toronto. I tend to invest my “spare” time volunteering for community organizations and at my church, rather than building a network of political connections.

I’m not running to be a hero who claims she can single-handedly defeat Justin Trudeau.

I am running to renew our Party, so we win this next election together and form a truly conservative government in Ottawa.

I believe that within our party, we have grassroots supporters and caucus members with the ideas to get our country back on the right track. Ideas that reflect courage, compassion and common sense.

We need to have the courage to stand against the current wave of lawlessness sweeping our country. We need to stand up for the values that make this country great including respect for democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

We need the courage to develop our natural resources, even when foreign interference and professional protesters work to undermine our economy.

As Conservatives we all know that government programs can’t replace the best social safety net that comes from family, friends and community. But when we do invest taxpayer dollars, we need to do it with true compassion that actually helps people.

It is both conservative AND compassionate to defend the safety and security of all Canadians, while offering greater support to our most vulnerable, including the elderly, veterans, the disabled, and families struggling to meet their daily needs.

I will lead with courage and uphold the family as the cornerstone of our society and protect a parent’s right to raise their children according to their values and not those dictated by the government.

And every policy we bring in should be rooted in common sense. Heaping debt on future generations is a bad idea. A carbon tax that significantly hurts those without much money, while doing nothing for the environment, should be killed. It’s not racist to say that there should be order to the chaotic immigration approach Justin Trudeau has put in place.

The UN shouldn’t have final say about Canadian policies, and governments should not replace parents when it comes to raising children.

Canadians agree with these conservative principles.

We need to come together, and use our next Policy Convention as an opportunity for Party members to help shape our next election platform.

We will only win if we work together.

I am ready to lead that process, and take a united Party into battle against the Liberals in the next election.

We need to do things differently if we’re going to win the next election.

Let’s win...together.

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VIDEO: What I told the media

It's been a busy week!

I was in Ottawa at the beginning of the week, and had the opportunity to speak with members of the National Press Gallery.

Questions about pro-life issues and social policy dominated the headlines during the last election.

I wanted to tackle these issues head on, and that's exactly what I did.

You can check out the video here.



For us to win as Conservatives in the next election, we need have courage, compassion and common sense.

I am ready with honest leadership and respect for everyone in the Conservative Party.

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