Canadian women pick Leslyn

**A note from MP Tamara Jansen (Cloverdale - Langley City)**

I was proud to be one of the first-time Conservative candidates who won in 2019, knocking off the Liberal MP in Cloverdale-Langley City.

While it was exciting to win my seat, it was disappointing to lose the election.

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Leslyn Can Win

A note from MP Richard Bragdon (Tobique-Mactaquac)

As we go through our second Leadership race in three years, the focus for us as Conservative Party members should not just be on who can win the Leadership, but who can win the next election.

Members from coast to coast to coast have all said it or thought it at some point: we can’t keep doing the same thing as a Party if we want to win the next election.

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Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

31 years ago today, the Chinese Communist Party violently crushed student-led demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

The students were demanding government accountability, democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. These are values that we as Canadians hold dear.

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Freedom should be normal

Canadians are not under house arrest. The government should not treat them as if they are.

As government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns drag on, we are hearing one particular phrase with increasing frequency: “The new normal.”

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Canadians want to work

It is sad that many university students didn’t get to attend an official graduation ceremony this year.

But it is devastating that they are now competing for jobs with their unemployed parents, aunts and uncles.

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Integrity and the Environment

Conservatives never get credit for the respect we have for the environment. 

But we are a Party made up of farmers and fishermen, natural resource developers, manufacturers, service providers – we all  depend on the environment to make a living.

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This week's tragedies

We’ve seen some pretty terrible things this week.

To be honest I haven’t been able to watch the full video of the despicable treatment of George Floyd. It makes me physically ill.

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This is heartbreaking

I am heartbroken.

Our seniors deserve better.

There is so much to love about Canada, and while I am deeply concerned about the direction of our country, I am still proud to be a Canadian.

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Huawei Decision

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has lost her court battle to have her extradition to the United States dismissed, and Canadians are right to have serious concerns about whether our government is prepared to stand up to increased backlash from China.

The Chinese government has made it clear that they in no way expected Justin Trudeau to actually allow for a fair judicial process.

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Anger Isn’t Enough

Everyone in the Conservative Party, from the grassroots members, to the leadership candidates, to our entire caucus recognizes that our relationship with the Government of China needs to fundamentally change.

And it's easy to see why. China's crackdown on democratic process in Hong Kong, and the continued detainment of the two Michaels should be reason enough to be rightly angry.

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