Guns and Common Sense

You may have seen how the Liberals are using the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia to ram through new gun regulations.

I can’t even explain how frustrating this is to see.

All our hearts go out to the victims and their families in Nova Scotia. 

But cracking down on law-abiding citizens will do nothing to stop future mass shootings. 

I believe in cracking down hard on smuggled firearms.

I believe in empowering police forces to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

I want to lead a government that respects legal gun owners in Canada, instead of one that treats gun owners with contempt and disrespect.

I promise to bring common sense back to Canada’s approach to firearms and review our firearms legislation to make it clear, practical and purposeful instead of adding more legislation to our already confusing laws.

Together we can create a Canada lead with courage, compassion and common sense.


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Canadians know better

As Canada begins to consider what our “new normal” is post-COVID, here’s one thing that should NOT become the new normal:

Wasteful government bureaucracies and inefficient bailout programs.

Progressives, including the Liberals and NDP, fundamentally believe that big government is good government.

Their approach seems to be “Why let individuals, families or business owners make decisions for themselves when bureaucrats in Ottawa can do it for them?”

I believe less government is good government. And that includes how government deals with charities.

The Trudeau government is planning to send aid to charities...which is fine during a crisis.

Personally, I would have preferred that they would have adopted an approach to match donations made to charities, rather than rolling it out through various levels of bureaucracy. 

A true conservative approach is even better. Let’s reward Canadians who support charities by giving them an even bigger tax refund.

Our country is filled with churches, synagogues, mosques and many other local charities that already have a relationship with the vulnerable and downtrodden in their neighbourhoods.

I believe that the connections we build through serving one another in our communities is what helps give our lives meaning and purpose.

Ottawa is filled with hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats. But bureaucracy can never replace local charities.

Not only do community-based charitable organizations have a better understanding of the needs in their communities, they are run predominantly by volunteers meaning a much higher percentage of donations actually go towards reaching those who need it.

In order to encourage Canadians to support their local charities I am going to permanently raise the charitable tax credit to 40%.

I believe that as we rebuild our economy, we need to send less money to Ottawa and allow more of it to flow directly to the local charities who are already on the front lines and serving the vulnerable.

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Tax fairness for families

I believe that families are the foundation of our society. If we want to build a strong country, then our governments should not adopt policies that harm families.

Ottawa's tax policy, however, treats families unfairly.

I want to fix that.

When it comes to applying for a student loan, applying for Old Age Security, or calculating your Child Tax Benefit - basically, anything that could put money in your pocket - Ottawa bases this on *family* income.

But once it's time to file your taxes - when it comes to filling Ottawa's coffers - suddenly it's all about you as individuals.

Ottawa can't have it both ways.

It's time to allow income splitting for couples. 

We are in a season when lots of people will lose their jobs due to no fault of their own. Lots of two-income families will be reduced to one. Other families will choose only one income in order to care for their children or aging parents. Caring for family members is even more critical right now in a COVID-19 world, when schools are closed and seniors residences can be high risk environments.

Instead of sending their hard-earned money to Ottawa, let’s give couples the chance to use it to make the right choices for their families.

Family is the most important building block of society. Therefore, on principle, spouses should be able to split their income.

As a fiscal conservative, I believe we need to be realistic in our approach, however.

Like in the Harper government era, I would limit this to families with children 18 years old or younger. 

And to remove the Liberal attacks that claim this is about helping the most wealthy families, I would cap the income amount at a maximum of $70,000 per family.

If Trudeau and the Liberals want to claim in the next election that two people earning $35,000 each are too wealthy to qualify for income splitting, then I look forward to us winning seats in the GTA and all around Vancouver. Let the Liberals try to convince young families trying to buy a home that they're "too rich" and shouldn't be able to split their income.

I believe that as we rebuild our economy, the best way for the government to help people get back on their feet is by taking less of their money.

Strengthening Canadian families helps build a strong country - and can help us win the next election.

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Fighting for Freedom of Speech

There has been a trend on social media this week, where people post photos of themselves when they were 20 years old. Here's a shot of me around that age, when I was a student at Osgoode Hall Law School.

This is when I started to experience firsthand the need to fight for freedom of speech in Canada.

As most young people, I was learning about what was important to me, and which politicians and party represented my values best.

The more I studied the still young Reform Party, the more I felt it was a good fit. Reform MPs were making the case for fiscal restraint in government, and putting tough questions to the Chretien Liberals about the ways things worked - or didn't - in Ottawa.

I asked Reform Leader Preston Manning to come Osgoode Hall to speak to students, and engage in a Q&A session.We began discussions with Preston's team, and Preston even graciously offered to make a donation to our Black Law Students Association.

But that presentation never happened.

Aggressive talking points and mob mentality shut everything down, and the opportunity was lost.

Later I would go on to work in academia. I routinely saw that "employment equity" was simply about finding people who held "anything but conservative" ideologies.

Fast forward decades later, and sadly, things are worse. Protests have popped up on campuses across Canada and the US when conservative voices come to speak.

I believe that as conservatives, we need to push back against political correctness. We must stand up and fight for free speech.

As the next Prime Minister of Canada, I will withhold federal research funding from universities and colleges that do not respect freedom of speech on campus.

It was the right thing when Andrew Scheer introduced the idea, and it's still the right thing to do.

New Endorsements

Our team continues to grow! In the past few days we have announced three more endorsements: MP Jeremy Patzer from Saskatchewan, MLA Patterk Netser from Nunavut and former MP Reed Elly from British Columbia.

I want to thank Jeremy, Pat and Reed for the fresh enthusiasm and energy they bring to the campaign. I'm thankful for them, as well as MPs Richard Bragdon (NB), Rosemarie Falk (SK), Tamara Jansen (BC) and Cathay Wagantall (SK) for their support.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter to get the latest campaign updates!


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Conservatives Actually Care

Conservatives care deeply about the environment. Ours is the Party full of people who hunt, fish, and like to get out into the great outdoors with their family.

I hold a Masters in Environmental Studies and know the Liberal talking points, but I believe OUR party is the one that actually cares about protecting our beautiful country.

I want to lead our Conservative team into the next election, ready to explain to Canadians our concrete plans to be good stewards of the environment.

Ours will not be a plan based on job killing carbon taxes or wealth redistribution schemes that do nothing to help the environment.

Our plan will do things that make sure Canadians continue to have clean air, water and soil. 

We will take real action, like dealing with “orphan” oil and gas wells in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia

This problem has gotten worse under the Liberals’ regime, because they have consistently done everything they can to suffocate Canada’s oil and gas industry.

As companies go bankrupt, they don’t have the money to properly shut down their wells, and these wells are orphaned. 

It’s not always a case of delinquency by oil and gas companies. Their economic situation, made worse by federal anti-energy policies, has led to a historic collapse in investment, businesses, and jobs in Canada’s energy sector.  

As Leader and Prime Minister, I will support funding to address the issue of orphan wells. It’s good for the environment, revitalizes farmland, creates truly “green” jobs and helps get laid off oil and gas workers back to work. 

But government funding alone isn’t a long-term solution. 

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs has a Private Members Bill in the House of Commonsthat makes common sense changes to financial rules that would allow for more private sector investment to address this growing problem.

MPs like Shannon show us how we can put forward truly conservative ideas that help the environment AND the economy.

As Leader, I want our next policy convention to be a time where members can put forward common sense, conservative solutions for the environment.


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Political correctness is dangerous for women

The safety of men and women in the military should be our primary goal - not political correctness.

Historically, women have faced barriers in certain occupations, including in the military. These barriers will be made far worse under the new Liberal directive that the Canadian Armed Forces are no longer allowed to write “he” or “she” in official reports.

The government recently made large investments in attracting women to the Armed Forces and even produced an 85 page report only to now outlaw the use of the words "she" or "her".

How are they going to recruit women when they can’t even say “she” or “her”?

Just a few months ago the government settled with victims of sexual harassment and assault in the armed forces to the tune of $900 million.

How will the government be accountable for whether women are safer against sexual harassment if they can’t mention women in their official documents? 

On the most basic level: how is anyone even supposed to report an incident of abuse accurately? 

This isn’t practical. The government is erasing all the gains that women have made in the Canadian Armed Forces with this policy.

More importantly: it isn’t safe. 

The government has no right to erase the identity of women and men in our armed forces who still want to be referred to as “she” or “he.”

We don’t need over-the-top political correctness in Canada. 

We need a return to goodness and kindness.

That would be a truly inclusive country.

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What is a Canadian?

My parents moved to Canada because they wanted to give their kids a better life.

Like many immigrants, they came to Canada not only for economic opportunities, but because Canada embodied the type of values and opportunities that they wanted to pass on to their children.

And I'm so thankful they did.

I learned the Canadian values of honour and respect growing up in an immigrant community in Toronto, filled with different cultures and languages.

I learned the Canadian value of freedom of religion by talking with my friends at school and my neighbors about their different faiths, and being invited to their community celebrations.

We didn’t have to mark different months to celebrate our cultures; we experienced them every day by simply being a part of each other's lives. Our government did not look for ways to divide us based on our unique identities. Instead, we found ways to celebrate being Canadian.

I learned about freedom of speech by growing up in a neighborhood where people spoke their mind. It wasn’t always perfectly comfortable, and if someone didn’t agree with you they told you: but they never demonized you.

I learned about the value of hard work from my parents and my friends' parents who knew that in Canada, a strong work ethic and the guts to do the right thing were enough to change their children’s lives.

To this day, immigrants and refugees come to Canada because they have heard about our Canadian values and they want to raise their children in this kind of country. I am proud of my Canadian identity, and you should be too.

Canada is the kind of country I was proud to be raised in;

The kind of country I have chosen to raise my children in; and

The kind of Canada I will always fight for.

Is that the kind of Canada you want?

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Time To Put Canada First


I have a few campaign updates to share with you today, which are at the bottom of this email. But before I do, I want to speak about the ongoing situation with coronavirus, China and Canada.

The current COVID-19 crisis is a terrible wake up call for Canada.

We left ourselves vulnerable to a totalitarian regime that deceived us and the world to the manifestation and migration of the virus.

Our government has blindly followed the data from China, and has responded with measures that are consistently “too little too late”. We let China be responsible for half the world’s production of swabs, gowns, masks, ventilators and other essential medical equipment, which has resulted in Canada and our allies arguing over a limited amount of supplies.

Trusting China and the World Health Organization (WHO) and our own misplaced trust, logic, reasoning, and pride has escalated the COVID-19 crisis we are now facing today. This fact has been confirmed now that the belated modelling is finally coming out.

Canada’s government has let us down!

We should be following democracies like Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong who have flattened the curve dramatically by having a secure supply of all medical and protective equipment. They have pursued their own national interest and developed a protocol based on testing, contact tracing, isolation and containment, and in many cases, universal facemask use.

We need to totally rethink what is in the best interest of Canada when it comes to trade and the security of essential supplies. The Communist Party of China cannot be trusted as their only objective is world domination through adversarial trade practices that compromise other nations’ sovereignty and national security. The people of China themselves are victims in the games of the Communist Party, and their ability to thrive in the face of a ruthless regime should inspire us to stand up to the Chinese government as well.

As leader, in light of the crisis in which we now find ourselves, I will restructure our trade priorities, international relationships, and define and determine our course forward with the safety and security of Canadians as my number one priority.

A Few Campaign Updates:

Caucus Endorsements. I have a deep respect for our great Parliamentary Caucus team, so as an outsider to politics, it's especially meaningful to receive my first endorsements from sitting MPs. Thank you to Richard Bragdon (NB), Rosemarie Falk (SK) and Tamara Jansen (BC) for joining our growing campaign! You bring fresh wind to our sails, and help keep the momentum going.

Social Media. If you want to stay updated on all my content, please take a moment to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Campaign news gets shared there in real time, including future endorsements and policy positions.

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This is wrong

I am extremely upset about what is taking place today.

At a time when so many Canadians are suffering, fearful for their futures, and struggling to meet basic daily needs, Justin Trudeau has raised the carbon tax by 50%.

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t like attacking my opponents in this race or in other parties personally, but the only way to describe this tax increase today is cold and calloused.

This is the exact opposite of what Canadians need at the moment. 

Nearly half of Canadians are worried about whether or not they will be able to pay their bills, and this crisis is still getting worse.

This Liberal government has been slow to get money into Canadian’s pockets to help them deal with this pandemic, and in the middle of everything they are raising the cost of virtually everything.

We need to protect our environment.

But this isn’t how.

Raising taxes on Canadians in the middle of a crisis borders on cruelty.

And to add insult to injury, Justin Trudeau is getting a raise today.

The salary of every single MP is going up today, and while our current leader Andrew Scheer and many other Conservatives have already promised to donate their raises to charity, Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal party have been silent.

It doesn’t matter what party you support, the well-being of Canadians is at stake and the Government needs to get serious about putting them first.


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We need to fight human trafficking

I have stated that my campaign is about courage, compassion and common sense. 

One of the issues that touches on all three is the issue of human trafficking in our own country. Under the Liberal government the national action plan was allowed to lapse for nearly four years, and virtually no resources were allocated to protect the victims and survivors of this horrible crime. 

At the last minute before last year's election the Liberals announced several measures to combat human-trafficking, but I have a big problem with their approach.

Namely, that protecting the most vulnerable in our society isn’t simply a ballot box issue. It’s the right thing to do. Every day.

The majority of trafficking victims and survivors in Canada come from our most vulnerable populations, including underage girls and indigenous women. Vulnerable Canadians should be a priority. 

I have a five point action plan that I will push for as soon as I am leader of our party, and implement when, with your help, I become Prime Minister.

1. Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking.

The Federal government should be leading the way in supporting the many front-line workers and organizations who are already providing rescue and healing to survivors. 

2. Legislative adoption of the most widely accepted international definition of human trafficking known as the Palermo Protocol. 

Under the Liberals, Canada has some of the weakest laws to prosecute those who prey on the vulnerable. The Palermo Protocol is advocated by law-enforcement officers, victim-advocates, survivors across Canada. It removes many of the barriers that make it difficult for law enforcement to obtain criminal convictions of traffickers who frequently walk away on technicalities.

3. Strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers to ensure that those who take advantage of the vulnerable in our society are punished for every single life they harm. 

Traffickers should be punished for every life that they attempt to extort, every woman, and girl, every boy and man that they harm. Every life is precious and our laws should reflect that.

4. Create a public awareness campaign about the reality of human trafficking in our society.

Despite most of us never realizing it, human trafficking occurs in almost every commmunity across Canada. We can all be part of protecting our neighbourhoods and the vulnerable by increasing the awareness of this horrific crime across the country.

5. Commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model to combat sex-trafficking in prostitution

The Conservative Government under Stephen Harper implemented Bill C-36, which had long been advocated by former MP Joy Smith. This criminalized the pimps and buyers of prostitution, and decriminalized the actual people being bought and sold. This allowed those who have been trafficked into prostituion to seek help from law-enforcement without the fear of facing charges themselves. This dramatically improved Canada’s ability to fight sex trafficking, but the Liberal party is keen to undo these changes. I will fight for Harper’s model to continue in order to best rescue victims of sex trafficking in Canada.


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