To save the economy

Today the Liberals confirmed the worst kept secret in Canada: our economy has taken a drastic hit and they have no concrete plan to get us out of it.

After years of spending the cupboards bare when times were good and running $20 billion dollar deficits, their disastrous COVID plan has increased our deficit this year to over $343 billion dollars.

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Strengthening Our Farmers

COVID-19 has revealed to us more than ever the importance of having a strong agricultural sector.

Canada’s farmers have been the backbone of our nation for generations and we cannot let the pain of the last few years impact their long term sustainability. The success and safety of our nation rests heavily on the success of our farmers.

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The soul of our nation

The soul of our nation is being torn apart and it is absolutely vital that we elect the right leader that will unite our party and our nation.

I pledge to be a unifying voice of this nation. Not as a lone hero, but as a representation of all Canadians who believe Canada must remain a free nation, and the greatest example of a healthy democracy in the world.

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Connect the dots

You’re not imagining it. The stakes for our nation are really high.

What would have sounded like a conspiracy theory even a few weeks ago, is now plainly on display by this Liberal government. 

Justin Trudeau is pushing Canada towards a blatant socialist agenda.

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I'm in it to win it

We’re on the verge of making history.

When I first jumped into this race, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get 3000 signatures from 30 EDAs across ten provinces just to qualify.

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A New Way

This weekend it was revealed that Justin Trudeau just had the government hand over a massive contract to a charity that his wife works with and that he has worked with multiple times himself; the charity also has many direct ties to the Liberal party.

They will be charged with administering nearly a billion dollars to students while being paid 19 million themselves to manage it.

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Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is ruining our understanding of the past and until someone is willing to stand up to it, we will see our history washed away in a tidal wave of “progressive” revisionism.

I plan on fighting back. 

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Uniting The Party

**A special note from Patterk Netser - MLA, Aivilik

To be a unifier one has to have ideas that can unite the party.

You cannot be blown about by the winds of the media.

And you have to be able to stay above the fray and show calm unshakable leadership.

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Finding our backbone

Canada needs to stand up for itself on the world stage.

Five hundred and fifty-seven days after Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig were arbitrarily detained by Chinese authorities, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is "disappointed" that China charged the two men with espionage with no apparent evidence.  

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Peculiar Outcomes

Conservatives believe in equal opportunity.

Outcomes, however, are largely determined by personal effort. Those who work hard do better than those who don’t.

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