Freedom should be normal

Canadians are not under house arrest. The government should not treat them as if they are.

As government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns drag on, we are hearing one particular phrase with increasing frequency: “The new normal.”

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Canadians want to work

It is sad that many university students didn’t get to attend an official graduation ceremony this year.

But it is devastating that they are now competing for jobs with their unemployed parents, aunts and uncles.

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Integrity and the Environment

Conservatives never get credit for the respect we have for the environment. 

But we are a Party made up of farmers and fishermen, natural resource developers, manufacturers, service providers – we all  depend on the environment to make a living.

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This week's tragedies

We’ve seen some pretty terrible things this week.

To be honest I haven’t been able to watch the full video of the despicable treatment of George Floyd. It makes me physically ill.

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This is heartbreaking

I am heartbroken.

Our seniors deserve better.

There is so much to love about Canada, and while I am deeply concerned about the direction of our country, I am still proud to be a Canadian.

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Huawei Decision

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has lost her court battle to have her extradition to the United States dismissed, and Canadians are right to have serious concerns about whether our government is prepared to stand up to increased backlash from China.

The Chinese government has made it clear that they in no way expected Justin Trudeau to actually allow for a fair judicial process.

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Anger Isn’t Enough

Everyone in the Conservative Party, from the grassroots members, to the leadership candidates, to our entire caucus recognizes that our relationship with the Government of China needs to fundamentally change.

And it's easy to see why. China's crackdown on democratic process in Hong Kong, and the continued detainment of the two Michaels should be reason enough to be rightly angry.

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Double Standards

Government should infringe as little as possible upon people’s rights and freedoms.

The best way to realize that you are infringing on people’s rights is to spot the contradictions in your laws.

The more laws and rules governments implement in a rush, the more likely government is to trample on our rights.

Just look at what is happening in Canada now:

Why are big businesses allowed to remain open while small businesses owners are forced to close? Why not just let businesses know what the standards are, and then let them meet them?

Why are churches, charities and non-profits unable to access a wage subsidy, but political parties and even NHL teams can?

I was disappointed to see our Party applying for the wage subsidy program, because I believe our standard should NOT simply be whether or not we are better than the Liberals. 

It should be whether or not we are an example of fiscal conservatism to all Canadians.

We must govern ourselves like we would govern the country.

Conservative members still care very much about being able to match the Liberals in the next election and if we are honest and transparent with our grassroots members, I have every confidence they will respond as needed.

I made fiscal responsibility a pillar of my campaign platform because I believe it is wrong to heap debt and unnecessary taxation on future generations.

Just because we are in a crisis doesn’t make fiscal responsibility wrong, it just makes it more difficult and takes more creativity.

As leader of our party I will pull out every stop to make the Conservative party a symbol in Canada of fiscal transparency, ingenuity and responsibility. 

By respecting our donors and members, we will show the country how a Conservative government will respect and honour the taxpayers.

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One Conservative Party

Our party is the only federal big tent party in the country.

It holds together when we decide to make it a wide and welcoming tent.

But some people are so obsessed with trying to expose cracks in our party that even the Green Party is publicly claiming they can steal supporters from us.

When we don’t retreat into our corners of the tent, but instead reach out and remember our shared values, we make each other stronger and can have healthy and vigorous discussions about our different viewpoints.

Real leadership is realizing the strengths throughout our party and bringing people together, not dividing people in order to rally one side to drive out the other.

Stephen Harper held our party together for nearly ten years, but sadly it seems like all that some members of our party took from it was that they love the feeling of power.

But this isn’t about power.

It's about the future of Canada.

We are facing the worst economic crisis in our lifetime and possibly in our country's history. 

Your shade of blue shouldn’t matter. 

It’s the red maple leaf on our flag that we look to.

I am encouraged to be receiving messages nearly every day from people who fled our party in the last few elections both to the right and the left, saying they see our campaign of courage, compassion and common sense and have returned to the big blue tent in order to vote for me.

That’s the kind of party I promise to build. That’s the kind of party that will attract Canadians from every region of the country.

That’s the kind of party that will win the next election and form a government that will put Canadians first again.

Let’s build it together.

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Fear and Firearms

I want my children, my neighbours’ children and the children all across Canada to be safe from violence.

But I don’t appreciate when someone tries to use my concern for my children’s well-being to trick me into accepting bad policies.

The Liberal gun ban makes me angry not just because they are going after law-abiding firearms owners, but because they are preying on the fears of parents and concerned Canadians to get away with it.

If Justin Trudeau truly wanted to protect Canadians like me and my family, he would have accepted the Conservatives' long-standing policy of directing funds towards cracking down on smuggled firearms and gang violence.

In order to convince Canadians that there are thousands upon thousands of military-style firearms floating around Canada, the Liberals released a scarily long list of “1,500 assault-style weapons” that they will ban.

But in order to hit that big scary number, they had to list not only guns that have already been banned; they included cannons and an ever-changing list of “variations” of certain types of firearms.

Meaning that target shooters and duck hunters now trying to purchase legal rifles, have bought firearms that are perfectly legal one day, but then found themselves suddenly in possession of a prohibited firearm the next.

I love my kids, and I would do anything to protect them, but I am not afraid of sport shooters, duck hunters, or cannons. This is why I have promised to repeal this Liberal gun ban and reroute these resources to tackle firearm smuggling, invest in vulnerable youth, and fight gang violence.

I look forward to taking on Justin Trudeau in the next election and presenting my plan for common sense firearms laws that protect the rights of our law-abiding hunters and farmers while taking real measures to protect our families.

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