Who I am

Our campaign recently polled Conservative members to get their view on the CPC Leadership race.

Here’s some feedback I found very interesting:

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Taxing principal residences?

The Liberals never stop looking for new ways to tax Canadians, and now they want to tax your principal residence.

Despite calling us liars in the last election when we tried to warn that the Liberals were going to bring in a home equity tax, it has come to light that CMHC is spending $250,000 researching that very thing.

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Trudeau tries to kill oil

Yesterday while most of Canada is still wrapped up in the depths of the WE scandal, the Trudeau government made another devastating announcement to try to kill our oil and gas sector.

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Selling security to china

Yesterday, Canada’s government made yet another bad decision in regards to China. They awarded a $6.8 million contract to Nuctech Company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the world.

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My #2 Vote

Nothing says “politics as usual” more than trying to motivate people with fear. Saying “Vote for me because the other guy is worse” is becoming less and less effective as Conservatives and all Canadians are looking for more.

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Leslyn is the unity leader

**A special note from MP Jeremy Patzer**

There is only one way Conservatives can win the next election: 


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Why We Need Leslyn Lewis

**A special note from MP Glen Motz**

The next election is going to be won by the candidate who Canadians believe has their best interests at heart.

That’s why I strongly believe that we need Leslyn Lewis to be the leader of our party when Canadians next vote on who should be prime minister.

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The Experience Needed to Win

Canadians are tired of politics as usual. Members of the Conservative Party of Canada are no exception.

Recently the Erin O’Toole Campaign has sent out messages under the names of other people to call my experience into question.

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Energy vs Environment

Our party will win when we are able to put forward a true vision for the future of Canada.

It’s time to move past the tired arguments of “energy” vs “environment”. As Conservatives, we have always been the party that believes in protecting our soil, our air, and our waters.

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Why I won’t fight with Derek Sloan

Canadians are tired of old-style politics, which includes bickering among Leadership candidates.

Our grassroots know that we can only win when we are united.

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