Interesting Fundraising Numbers

**A special note from Campaign Manager, Steve Outhouse**

The number of donors a campaign attracts is an important sign of the support and enthusiasm a candidate has earned.

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My Plan for the House of Commons

A question I've been asked several times since I became a Leadership candidate is:

"What's your plan to hold Justin Trudeau to account in the House?"

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Getting Answers

Politicians don’t ultimately represent their parties, and they don’t represent merely themselves. At the end of the day Members of Parliament represent their constituents and they should be answerable to them.

That is not happening and it needs to change.

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Changing Minds

There is something that bothers me about the smears that have been thrown at me throughout this race, and it has nothing to do with the deliberate misinformation itself. That is just part of being in politics.

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Defending Ourselves

A nation without meaningful security is a nation without meaningful sovereignty. 

Standing up for both is going to take financial investment and power of will. 

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A special note from Leslyn Lewis' Campaign Manager

My name is Steve Outhouse, and I serve as Leslyn Lewis’ Campaign Manager.

I am proud to have served in various Ministerial Offices during our time in government from 2006 to 2015. I had the privilege of working with incredible Ministers from across the country in different portfolios.

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Parental Rights

Parents in Canada have a right to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs, free from government interference.

The Canada that I grew up in was one where people had different opinions and weren’t afraid to share them. We believed different things about God, about family, about every topic under the sun. And we were free to believe and discuss them.

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Who I am

Our campaign recently polled Conservative members to get their view on the CPC Leadership race.

Here’s some feedback I found very interesting:

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Taxing principal residences?

The Liberals never stop looking for new ways to tax Canadians, and now they want to tax your principal residence.

Despite calling us liars in the last election when we tried to warn that the Liberals were going to bring in a home equity tax, it has come to light that CMHC is spending $250,000 researching that very thing.

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Trudeau tries to kill oil

Yesterday while most of Canada is still wrapped up in the depths of the WE scandal, the Trudeau government made another devastating announcement to try to kill our oil and gas sector.

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