Only Conservative Party members in Haldimand-Norfolk will be able to vote in the upcoming nomination race!

Make sure you can vote by purchasing a membership today!

The cost is $15 for one year, per person.

You can also purchase memberships for your spouse and any minor children living at your same address (minimum 14 years old) in the same transaction.

Any amount given beyond $15 per person will be treated as a donation to the Leslyn Lewis Campaign unless otherwise directed. Please note that membership fees and donations to nomination campaigns are not tax deductible.


Donate to Leslyn Lewis' Campaign!

In 2021 you are allowed to donate up to a maximum of:

  • $1,650 to CPC HQ; and
  • $1,650 to one or a combination of EDAs and nominations


Any donations made to my pre-election campaign count against the amount you can give to EDAs or other nomination campaigns. Donations to EDAs ARE tax-receiptable.

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